Mike Tasker

Mike Tasker (Percussion)



Mike started playing drums at a young age, fascinated by the reaction that he got by banging things. Following his first appearance on ‘drum’ in his infant school nativity play, he joined fellow music lovers at his local high school. At age 16 he blew an insurance pay out (thanks Mum) on a drum kit and went on to play with various bands, including psychedelic rockers- Pyloric Sphincter- who specialised in their own style covers of Pink Floyd, Wishbone Ash, Man and Roxy Music numbers, whilst also remaining a big fan of the Blues and Rock. More recently Mike has played with Night Train, Electric Blueshouse Band and local covers band The Shuffle. Mike feels that the key to enjoying music is all in the ‘feel’ of a performance – especially the rhythm and melody – and is a firm believer that the overall sound of a band is much more important than individual technique. Any one watching Mike play is sure to agree.